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Day 1 - Tuesday 29th November 2011

Rt. Hon. James B. Bolger, ONZ, Chairman of the Advisory BoardTomorrow
Must be Different  - Opening Remarks to the 2011 Congress

Professor Paolo De Castro, Chairman of the Agricultural and Rural
Development Committee of the European Parliament and Member of the
Advisory Board of the World Agricultural Forum - Opening Keynote: The
Unprecedented Demands on Agriculture – The Stakes

Dr Franz Fischler, Chairman RISE (Rural Investment Support for Europe)
and Former European Commissioner of Agriculture: Rethinking
Agriculture - The Issues

Dr. Ren WANG, Vice President, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
(CAAS) : Ecological Intensification for Dry Land Agriculture - Rethink the
Agricultural Strategies in China.

Géraldine Kutas, União da Indústria da Cana-de-Açúcar/Brazilian Sugar
Cane Industry Association: The Global TradingSystem as a Motor for
Assuring Food Security

Marc Rosiers, Belgian Farmers Union: Extracting Benefits for all from the
Agriculture-Based Value Chain

Knud Buhl, Director for International Trade, Danish Bacon and Meat Council
(DBMC): Extracting Benefits for all from the Agriculture-Based Value
Chain – With a special perspective on European pig producers

Greg Murray, Co-Founder and Group Managing Director, CleanStar
Ventures: Cleanstar Mozambique Community Bioinnovation Limited, An
Integrated Food, Energy and Forest Protection Business    

Roberto Rodriguez Labastida, Senior Analyst, Bloomberg New Energy
Finance: Bioenergy Scope and Future

Dinner Speech by Flemish Minister-President Kris Peeters, and Flemish
Minister of Economy, Foreign Policy, Agriculture and Rural affairs.
2011 Congress
Rethinking Agriculture - to sustain a growing global population
Brussels, Belgium - 28 November to 1 December 2011
Congress Agenda
Congress Agenda
Comment & Analysis

Will Duff Gordon - Data Explorers - Managing Agricultural

Country Life, December 2011

EDITORIAL: Mauritz Quaak - SAF-agriculteurs de France,
L’agriculture, un secteur bien plus complexe qu’il n’y
paraît ! (Agriculture is a sector more complex than it

Alina Paul-Bossuet, ICRISAT Could thinking small be the
next big thing in agricultural development? The Guardian
Newspaper, UK

Dave MacIntyre - New Zealand Herald - Kiwis take the
lead in heading off global food crisis

Angelo Di Mambro - L’Informatore Agrario, No 46, 2011 -
The Chinese Food Challenges - Le sfide alimentari della
Cina (in the Italian language)
Round Table Panel: Agricultural Commodity Markets – Is
Regulation Really Necessary?
Agenda in PDF Format
Agenda in Web-page Format
Agenda in PDF Format
Agenda in Web-page Format
Day 2 - Wednesday 30th November 2011

Anton Robek, Sr.VP Bio-based Products & Services, DSM: Sustainability
as a Business Driver

Dr. William Dar, Director General of ICRISAT (The Philippines): Re-thinking
Global Agriculture – The Role of South-South Partnerships

Dr. Arvind Kumar, Deputy Director General Education, Indian Council of
Agricultural Research (ICAR): Rethinking Agriculture: Sharing the Indian
Experience (caution - this file is very large)

Stéphane Frappat, CEO Sodrugestvo Group of Companies, Russian
Federation: Encouraging Future Investment Opportunities for Agriculture -
Providing Quality Products and Services to Agricultural Markets

Mauritz Quaak, Administrator, SAF-agriculteurs de France: View from the
Land - Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment (English)

Mauritz Quaak, Administrateur, SAF-agriculteurs fe France: Vue de la
Terre - Principes pour l'investissement agricole responsable (Version

Adam Anders, Managing Director, Rabo Ventures, Rabobank, The
Netherlands: Making Venture Capital work in Food and Agriculture

Wayne Jones, Division Head, Agri-food Trade and Markets, Directorate for
Trade and Agriculture, OECD:  Encouraging Future Investment
Opportunities for Agriculture - Prospects and Challenges

Professor Aldas Janaiah, Head, School of Agribusiness Management-
SABM, Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University, ANGRAU, Rajendranagar,
Hyderabad, India: Future of Agriculture - HR and Policy Needs for a Better

Mr. Steen Riisgaard, President & CEO, Novozymes, Denmark: Plenary
Speech - Towards a Biobased Future

Mr. Steen Riisgaard, President & CEO, Novozymes, Denmark: Infographic
- Facts About Phosphate
Day 3 - Thursday 1st December 2011

Ric Deverell, Director and Head of the Commodities Research Team,
Credit Suisse:  Commodity Forecasts - A Dangerous New Phase...

Professor Harald von Witzke, President of the Humboldt Forum for Food
and Agriculture, Berlin: Determinants of Agricultural Market Price
Volatility - The Roles of Supply, Demand and Speculation  

Professor Harald von Witzke and Steffen Noleppa, Humboldt Forum for
Food and Agriculture, Berlin, The economics of Rumpelstiltskin Why
speculation is not a prime cause of high and volatile international
agricultural commodity prices: An economic analysis of the 2007-08
price spike

H.E. Vangelis Vitalis, Ambassdor of New Zealand to the EU and New
Zealand Chief Negotiator for the ASEAN-Australian-New Zealand FTA and
Malaysia-New Zealand FTA: Agriculture, Aid-for-Trade and Free Trade
Agreements - Proposals for Reform

Philippe de Lapérouse, Managing Director HighQuest Partners,
LLCTrends and Developments in the Private Financing of Agriculture
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