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Updated: 19 April 2012
WAF Involvement in Upcoming Events:

Organisation (ELO) and Syngenta in Brussels on the 27 March The Forum
for the Future of Agriculture hosted the European Land
  • Organisation
    (ELO) and Syngenta in Brussels on the 27 March 2012 attracted 1450
    delegates.  The opportunity was taken at this meeting to contact those who
    having an interest in supporting the 2013 Congress.
  • The Agricultural Advisory Council of the US Federal Reserve
    Board's 8th  District in St Louis will hold its next meeting on May 24.
    The Councils are designed to build a consistent and dependable line
    of communication about economic conditions between St. Louis Fed
    staff members and industry representatives throughout the District .  
    Dr. Leonard Guarraia, Chairman-Emeritus of the WAF will attend as
    a Member of the Council.
  • The Future Farm World Conference in London on the 27 June 2012
    will be Chaired by Ken Baker WAF Chairman and in return the
    Future Farm  organizers have agreed to promote the WAF and the
    2013 Congress in India.
  • The IAAS (International Association of Students in Agricultural and
    Related Sciences)  will be holding its Annual Conference in Leuven
    (Belgium) in late July.  Ken Baker has been invited to speak to the
    Conference on the 25th July.
Board News & Events

The Board of the World Agricultural Forum held it’s first meeting of 2012 by
teleconference on the 29th February.  Subjects discussed included
arrangements for the 2013 Congress, the implementation of
recommendations to re-invigorate the Main Board by greater involvement
of supportive individuals and funders and naturally, budgets.  The
composition of the Advisory Board will also be examined as many
members have now retired or moved to other roles.
The next Board meeting will be held in St Louis on the 24th May when our
Chairman, Ken Baker, will be travelling in the US.  Leonard Guarraia and
Janet Brooks are coordinating this visit and so any ideas for meetings
should be channeled through them.

The Last Word

Jim Bolger  reflects on a speech he gave at Columbia University, N.Y. on
26 March 2012

A few weeks back I gave an address at Columbia University in New York
in which I noted that noble visions without a strategy, a set of actions to
deliver the desired outcome, don’t work.
In a similar vein, if we are to feed a world of nine billion in a sustainable
manner by 2050 then we, the world, need a strategy and a set of actions to
achieve that goal. We must avoid the temptation of offering simplistic
solutions; if it was simple far fewer would now go to bed hungry every night.
In setting out plans for future food production we must work in sympathy
with the tradition and history of different countries but of necessity we must
also look at newer technologies and options to meet ever growing
President John F Kennedy in 1962 brilliantly made the point on the
necessity of facing the truth to make progress when he observed that, ‘the
great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived,
dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.’
He went on, ‘too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forebears, we
subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the
comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.’
How true, too often when how to produce additional food is discussed we
hear ‘myths and legends’ when what is needed is calm research, realistic
science and the utilisation of modern technologies to deliver new options to
farmers and the whole of the food chain.
To succeed it is essential that political leadership in all countries is also
supportive of the changes required. This won’t happen overnight as policy
changes are needed in virtually every country. This necessity will
challenge many as often it will require the redirection of resources from
other areas of expenditure to expenditure on food production.
Those difficulties acknowledged, if the world is serious in its intention to feed
the world’s population then the reality is that today’s expenditure patterns
must change. We must reject the myth that serious progress can be
achieved without change.
We at the WAF aim to keep these issues up front by discussion and debate
The Rt. Hon. Jim Bolger,
Chairman of the WAF Advisory Board
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The general public’s misunderstanding and lack
of knowledge about modern agricultural practices
has been accelerating over the past century as
those engaged in food production plummeted
from half the population to its present 2%.
Misled by myths from scare-mongering authors,
lecturers, film producers, activists groups,
general media, even farmers overpromising the
benefits of organic and natural, it’s no wonder our
customers are confused. It is up to us to help
them understand the importance of the modern
ag industry and how they benefit

Lynn Henderson,
from it.
In his acceptance speech as the 2008 NAMA Agri-Marketer of the Year,
Monsanto’s Dave Rhylander told of an encounter he had on an airplane with
a fellow passenger. When asked his profession, he said he worked for
Monsanto which helps provide farmers with the tools they need to grow our
food. That, he said, opened the door to a long and productive conversation
with someone who knew absolutely nothing about today’s agriculture.
So, one-on-one is a great place to start. Another is via online and social
media. The Kentucky Corn Growers Assn recently released the paper “10
Ways to Advocate For Agriculture.”
Here are a few of them:
    •        Respond to misinformation.
    •        Never shout, always be positive.
    •        Pose questions to your friends.
    •        Share your story.
And one of the best is getting your organization involved in the U.S.
Farmers& Ranchers Alliance.
Lynn Henderson, Member of the WAF Board and
Publisher, AgriMarketing magazine
Our Thanks

The World Agricultural Forum wishes to thank the many voluntary
supporters and contacts who provide of their personal time, funds, effort and
enthusiasm to support the WAF in its mission to provide a neutral space to
allow corporations, governments, academe, independents  and
non-government agencies to come together to discuss solutions to ensuring
food security for all.
There are too many to name and we are grateful to them all.
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