The World Agricultural Forum (WAF) is the foremost global agricultural
platform that initiates dialogue between those who can impact agriculture. The
WAF is focused on sustaining the lives and livelihood of the world’s population
by meeting the growing needs for food, fuel and fiber. On a global stage, the
WAF produces one of the largest biennial gatherings of leaders ready to
implement innovation and positive changes addressing the world’s growing
population and respective agriculture shortages in both developed and
developing nations.

WAF World Congress

This is the event held every two years since 1997 and allows world leaders
to focus on creating prosperity through attention to establishing food security,
investments in agriculture and ensuring agriculture contributes to a sustaiable


The principal activity of the WAF is a regular World Congress the purpose of which is to unite leaders and decision-makers in non-
governmental organizations, business, international associations, global foundations and academia to discuss and identify solutions
to problems facing the development of agriculture to sustain the global population.  A particular focus is to address hunger and poverty.  
The WAF encourages participants at its Congresses to
seek solutions capable of providing a sustainable
agriculture which contributes to global economic
development. With the agribusiness industry expanding
beyond food into the energy, industrial products and
pharmaceutical sectors, the need for innovative
solutions has never been greater. The WAF provides
one of the few policy neutral and inclusive fora to allow
discussion between international decision makers striving for change in the universal agricultural system. Through the experiences and
ideas shared at the World Congresses, more socially conscious decisions can and have been reached that better represent the needs
of a global audience.


The WAF opens the door for participants to gain valuable insights about the implications for both global and regional industry players
and the societies that they serve, attracting attention to the key drivers of innovation in agribusiness. By recognizing the value of
collaboration between each participant and their individual perspectives on the execution of goals established during World
Congresses, the WAF aspires to lend a fresh, comprehensive perspective to formidable issues awaiting solutions.
The World Agricultural Forum is a not-for-profit public benefit corporation established for charitable,educational
and scientific purposes under Section 501 (c) (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.
Past Congresses
Updated: 12 June 2015
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